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Spatial Jam Podcast

Talking about maps, technology and all things spatial.

Season 1 is coming soon..

We’re launching a brand new podcast and are really excited about this new way to connect with you. Find out what you can look forward to when you join the Spatial Jam for a fun and informative chat about all things GIS. When you’ve listened to the trailer, don’t forget to subscribe on your favourite Podcast platform. Additional platforms will become available in the coming days.

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Meet the hosts

Beth Adams

Beth is a product manager in our Content team and is also responsible for the product marketing for all Esri UK data and data service offerings. She works with all our data partners and coordinates the UK content in the ArcGIS Living Atlas – an amazing repository of spatial data riches.  

Favourite part of ArcGIS: The ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World! 

Top tip: Join a MOOC – you can learn a lot, alongside thousands of others

Favourite map: Children’s Map (Living Atlas)  

Favourite non-GIS thing to do: Spending time with my dog 

Favourite river: River Ribble – just for the name! 

Sam Bark

As our resident Cartographer, Sam is usually found putting ArcGIS Pro through its paces to create his next amazing map. You might have seen some of them in the national media – including the Guardian and the BBC. Sam also loves a storymap and has been known to combine these with another passion – photography. 

Favourite part of ArcGIS: Pro’s recently added colour picker  

Top tip: In ArcGIS Storymaps you can use google fonts with over 1,000 choices 

Favourite mapThe Global Sharknado Threat by John Nelson 

Favourite non-GIS thing to do: Photography 

Favourite river: Chicago River 

Alasdair Hind

Alasdair’s ArcGIS story started over 20 years ago and he has been with Esri UK for most of that time. Working in the Product Communications team, he uses his experience to help deliver technical content across our blogs, webinars and events. He’s always looking for new ways to share the stories of the ArcGIS tech and how it can help users. 

Favourite part of ArcGIS: ArcGIS Storymaps 

Top tip: Learn a bit of Arcade 

Favourite map: any OS Explorer map 

Favourite non-GIS thing to do: hill running  

Favourite river: River Dee 

Elleni Rogers

Elleni is part of our Critical National Infrastructure team and uses her amazing technical knowledge to apply location intelligence across the utilities and telco sectors. Elleni brings her yoga zen to the challenge of tackling complex operational and logistical scenarios using GIS.

Favourite part of ArcGIS: Deep learning packages in the Living Atlas 

Top tip: Try the learning plans on Esri Training 

Favourite map: 3D Mars map 

Favourite non-GIS thing to do: Yoga / Meditation

Favourite river: River Chess (technically a stream)