Flagship Group

When tenants, members of the public or employees report issues with trees on our land, we can respond quickly and effectively to ensure public safety.

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AOC Archaeology Group

We are bringing history to life for our clients and the wider public, by using ArcGIS to collect, analyse and share archaeological information.

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It’s time to get excited about the Aurora Project

You may have heard about the Aurora Project through the Esri grapevine, but not been entirely sure what it is. In this blog, I’ll aim to demystify the Aurora Project, showing you how data collection will be improving and what it’ll mean to you and your organisation.

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URL Scheme in Survey123

A quick description of how you can create URL's to launch a specific survey and fill out the required information automatically. This blog focuses on the transition to Survey123 with tips to improve efficiency. 

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Let’s talk about relationships – in Collector

Collector for ArcGIS is great for adding new features and editing existing information. For most, this is sufficient, but what if you need to add new information repeatedly without losing any original data? This is where related tables come in.

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Using Domains and Subtypes for Smart Data Collection

If you’re using Collector for ArcGIS, or thinking about using it, you’ll have considered which fields you need to collect information. You could just use free text and type information into each field. I don’t know about you, but I have clumsy thumbs and there would be spelling mistakes everywhere. If you have access to ArcGIS for Desktop, you should consider using domains and subtypes. Continue Reading