Tip for working with many colour ramps in ArcMap

1st March 2011

I have recently started using some of the Colour Ramps available at the Esri Mapping Centre which are great for symbolising a variety of continuous surfaces and build on the out of the box ramps provided in ArcGIS. The downloadable colour ramps (from here) have many many to choose from so when you load the styles into ArcGIS Desktop it is quite hard to keep track of them and see which colour ramp is which.

For example it is hard to distinguish between the following elevation colour ramps:

 However, if you right-click on the Color Ramp drop down you can un-check “Graphic View”.

When you look at the colour ramp drop down now you can see the name of the colour ramp. You can then more easily choose your colour ramp.

A useful tip when you have many colour ramps for specific needs, or perhaps if you suffer from colour blindness!