2 Minute Interview with Amber Case

27th November 2013

Welcome to the first of a new series of postings in which I’ll share short format interviews with colleagues and associates. To kick it off I took my chance at the recent Dev Summit to interview some of our colleagues from the US.

Name: Amber Case

Job title: Director Esri R&D Center, Portland

Office location:  Portland, Oregon


What’s your favourite part of the ArcGIS Platform?

Geotrigger service. It’s something I’ve been working on with my team for 3 years. We’ve rebuilt the whole thing so it’s easier to use and has better battery management.

What new thing in the ArcGIS Platform are you most excited by?

See above. It releases on 19th Nov and I’m looking forward to seeing how people use the Geotrigger service to make customer solutions.

The ArcGenie grants you one wish: what feature will you to add to the ArcGIS Platform?

What I would love to see is a tighter integration of the Geotrigger service with the other ArcGIS apps and services, such as ArcGIS online Feature Service, the Collector App, and GeoEvent Processor. It would be great to make it easier to associate triggers with demographic and geophysical data through the Geoenrichment and Geocoding features of the ArcGIS Platform.

What’s your current favourite museum, building or natural space?

Seattle Library. Built by Rem Koolhaus. It’s very geometrical in the way it’s built.


The Geotrigger beta launched last week and you can read more here.