ArcGIS stocking fillers

19th December 2013

In the run up to Christmas my children have been learning about the traditions of other countries and I’ve just found the “Santa’s of the world” story map. Perhaps it was a compromise on the different gift giving tradtions that the ArcGIS Online release was in mid-december??

ArcGIS Online gets a query tool

Find Existing Locations has been added to the Analysis options for layers. You get to define multiple query statements, both ‘Where’ clauses and spatial queries, and then run them as a single query. The results are copied to a new layer, which can then be symbolised and included in other webmaps. As well being a flexible analysis tool, this could also be useful for extracting subsets of data from a hosted feature service.

View only mode in the ArcGIS Online Viewer

If you access a webmap through the ArcGIS Online Viewer without logging in thenn the interface is simplified. The interactive tools are hidden and replaced by a Modify Map button.

A new home for things 3D

At the recent Dev Summit we were shown where things are heading for 3D working in ArcGIS. In recognition of the significance of 3D it has now been given a single landing page on the site.