CityEngine 3D tennis analysis.

4th July 2013

Wimbledon fortnight is here and our colleagues in the states have marked the event by putting together a 3D analysis of part of the match in which Roger Federer crashed out. Here’s a screenshot as a taster but it’s well worth having a play with the CityEngine web viewer.

Click here to open the 3D Web Viewer. (Best viewed in Google Chrome or any browser that supports WebGL. Recommended on a desktop machine). The above scene uses new HTML 5 WebGL technology, so there is no need to install a plugin to view the scene. 

  • The red lines on the map are aces.
  • The green lines are where Sergiy forced Federer into a direct error on his return of serve.
  • The white lines are serves that Federer put back in play.

It makes a very effective visualisation of the shot trajectories (for the tie-break and those leading up to it) and there are some interesting notes on the analysis in a previous article

There are other CityEngine 3D views here and details on the product pages, including a link to access a free trial.

Confession time…. I’m not much of a tennis fan and playing with the CityEngine Viewer will probably remain the highlight of the tournament for me. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

Come on Andy!