GeoNet – from forums to a community

22nd July 2014

If you have visited our online forums recently you will have noticed they have changed into a brand new online community. Welcome to GeoNet!

GeoNet is much more than just a new forums location. It provides opportunities for networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing with like-minded users from around the World. You can; create discussions, upload files, collaborate on documents, share videos, publish blog posts and much more. These content items can be created within a space focused on a particular topic or industry. Those who follow that place will receive notification of new activity and can get engaged in the conversations.

Esri has provided a general platform for the community with several spaces focused around specific industries and products.  The new structure is much more flexible than the old forums and make it easier to manage posts that aren’t easily categorised.

In some cases your content and ideas may fall outside of these existing areas. In this situation, you can create your own groups and further extend the community. There is no need to put in a formal request. In 30 seconds you can; create a group, give it a description, add tags, define the membership level and you’re ready to go! The group is yours to manage and customize to make it work best for you.

GeoNet also allows its members to put themselves on the Map‌, so you can see the distribution of community members across the globe. ArcGIS Online is integrated within the community through the “bang” app ( ! ). You can embed publicly shared maps within your content, which opens up a brand new channel to share and create conversations. The ! app also gives you the ability to geotag your content. A future release of the community will provide a way to visualize and query content based on location, so start tagging now.

Getting Started

You can access the community by logging in with your Esri account. If you do not have an account, you can easily create one. Once in the community, begin by Updating Your ProfileCreating Custom Streams‌, and Begin Searching ‌. There is so much to explore in GeoNet, so if you have any questions, or would like to learn more, there are lots more nuggets of information in GeoNet Help.

See you soon in GeoNet.