Looking forward to ArcGIS Pro

20th January 2015

I realised today that I am now favouring ArcGIS Pro over ArcMap for tasks such as creating and editing data. This has crept up on me after starting off a bit disorientated by the ribbon interface, so different to ArcMap’s reliance on toolbars and menus. As my colleagues know I’m resistant to UI whizziness so it’s a testament to the development team that I have gone beyond being comfortable with the ribbon to liking the interface.

If you haven’t already tried it, there is an increasing range of resources to help you get to grips with Pro. Alongside the online help there are items aimed at ArcMap users like a cross reference table in the terminology guide and a guide to migrating data.  I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the Esri UK  training course which helped me get up and running quickly (the 1 day intro course is listed on our website if you fancy that route). A series of short videos on mini topics were released last week. I’ve only watched a couple but they are very clear and the one about using tasks is a good illustration of one of the capabilities that is new to ArcGIS Pro.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be making good on the promise to cover individual topics so please leave a comment if there is anything you’d particularly like included. ArcGIS Pro is a new application so of course there will be times when I switch back to ArcMap, but for now I’m looking forward to the release of ArcGIS Pro.