What we get up to in the Esri UK Tech Research team

6th October 2015

Do you want to see what Esri UK Tech Research team get up to? Alongside understanding and exploring new releases from Esri Inc, we also get the opportunity to innovate with the Platform and explore the art of the possible. To date this has been behind closed doors, with many of our projects being for internal viewing only. That is now going to change, and we will be sharing our work through Esri UK Map Labs… 


This is an online showcase of projects, hacks, apps, research and other initiatives that use content from the Esri platform.

Current projects that we have on Map Labs are:

The Esri UK Chrome Extension

My favourite app so far – it allows users of Google Chrome to install a plugin which displays an interactive Esri UK map every time they open a new tab.
So what are you waiting for, get exploring now!

Travel like Royalty

To celebrate the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, we developed an immersive map of her 265 oversea visits; working with cutting-edge technologies such as D3 & CSS3 alongside Esri Tech. This interactive map explores data visualising techniques not used before by Esri UK.

Digital Scratch maps

An interactive scratch game that asks players to name the landmark by scratching and guessing! Can you beat the clock to get the highest score?

Please let us know what you think of the Map Labs, or get in touch with ideas for great showcase pieces.