It just got easier to add Esri UK Online Content into ArcGIS Online

17th February 2015

Do you use Esri UK’s Online Content, either the free or premium Services? Ever wanted to make use of them in ArcGIS Online? There is a new Marketplace app that will add all your maps and gazetteers to your ArcGIS Online account at the click of a button. And it’s free!

Esri UK hosts a number of base maps, datasets and gazetteers which can be used in your existing ArcGIS products and websites. There are free maps and gazetteers, as well as premium datasets. If you aren’t already using them, find out more information, or register to use them here.

If you are making use of the Esri UK Online Content and want to add the services to your ArcGIS Online account, until now you had to add each map or gazetteer service individually, configure it for use and then share it with people in your organisation. With a lot of maps and gazetteers to add, this could take ages!

Now, with the free UK Content App, at the click of one button you can add all your Online Content maps to your account – and the click of a second button adds all gazetteers. The whole operation will only take a couple of minutes! This app can be found in the ArcGIS Marketplace.

Once you have all your maps and gazetteers in your ArcGIS Online content you will probably want to share them with other people in your organisation.  You can either share the webmaps or locators directly with specific people or your entire organisation in the usual way (see the online help for information), or you could invite people to join the groups that the maps and locators are already shared with (again, details are in the online help).  You might choose to create a basemap gallery for your organisation containing the Esri UK Online Content maps using the new Esri UK Online Maps group (also described in the online help here).