Esri UK are preparing for the OS AddressBase Schema Changes

22nd May 2015

The Ordnance Survey have announced schema changes to the AddressBase products. These schema changes will impact Esri UK customers who are using the AddressBase products within the ArcGIS platform. There will be new releases of Esri UK’s Productivity Suite and LocatorHub products to handle data in the new schema. Customers will be required to upgrade to the new versions if they are using this data and want to continue to apply updates.

The changes are being introduced in two phases:

AddressBase and AddressBase Plus: 24 September 2015 (Epoch 35)

AddressBase Premium: 10 March 2016 (Epoch 39)

From these dates the AddressBase data will only be available in the new format. Customers using these datasets will need to perform a full loads when they receive the first data in the new format, there will be no COU update for the first releases in the new formats.

To handle the AddressBase and AddressBase Plus changes in August Esri UK are planning to release:

LocatorHub 5.3

Target release date September 2015

For further information on this release and advice on upgrading please see our support blog.

All customers will need to carefully plan their upgrade process to ensure continuous use of the LocatorHub services.

Productivity Suite 3.4.3

Target release date September 2015

Note: these releases will NOT support data in the existing schema and can only be used on epoch 35 data or above.

There will be further releases of LocatorHub and Productivity Suite to support the AddressBase premium changes next February requiring customers using this data to upgrade again.