We went on tour: Summary of Local Government Regional Events

4th January 2016

Earlier this year we visited both Leeds and Trowbridge. It was great to see everyone there and hear how some of our local government customers have been using the platform. We are also grateful for the participation in the workshops. The workshops have helped us in the ArcGIS Localisation Team understand what you find valuable in the platform and helps us to focus on the right functional areas for our customers.

The workshop itself was centred on Solution Templates. Solution templates are free configurable templates which help complement different products in our platform. From the workshops we gathered that the following solution templates would potentially be the most useful for local government customers:

·         Maps and Apps Gallery

·         Flood Planning

·         Special Event Planning

·         Executive Dashboards

These are all free templates which you can begin to use right away. If you do have any feedback please get in touch.

Since the event we have subsequently released the Drilldown widget to support hierarchical address searching. This can be used directly with our JavaScript API or with our Web AppBuilder to provide a different searching option. See our resources site, blog and demo storymap to see live demos and instructions on how you can begin to use it.  We are about to release new versions of QuestionWhere and MyNearest which support the use of the drilldown widget.

Furthermore we’ve released an update to the UK Content app. The update removes the need for you to sign in to get access to free UK basemaps and the addition of two new free locators; OS Open Names and BNG Locator. If you’ve not used the UK content app before please see the following blog, to see how you can begin to use the new free content services.