Need a quicker way to search ArcGIS documentation?

12th January 2017

Esri UK’s Map Labs team have created a set of handy new tool that allows you to quickly search ArcGIS documentation directly from the Chrome Omnibox (Google’s name for the address bar).

How it works

  1. To access this new feature, you need to use the Google Chrome web browser and add one or more of the following extensions:
    • ArcGIS Desktop Search
    • ArcGIS Enterprise Search
    • ArcGIS Online Search
    • ArcGIS for Developers Search
  2. Once installed, you may see an ‘e’ icon appear in the Chrome Menu (top right of the window). This isn’t actually required when using the extension, therefore you can right click on the icon and select ‘Hide in Chrome menu’.
  3.  In this demo, we will use the ArcGIS Desktop Search. As such, type ‘desktop’ and then hit tab – you can then enter your desired search term i.e. ‘buffer’

4.  Your search will return the relevant ArcGIS documentation.

Once you have all four extensions installed, you will be able to quickly search ArcGIS documentation using the following key words: desktop, online, enterprise or devs.


“Esri UK Labs projects are developed by Esri UK employees and are inspired by our customers and our technology.

Esri UK Labs projects are free to use and explore, but are most definitely not official Esri UK or Esri products! These projects do not go through the rigorous software development cycle so they are not necessarily tested, documented or supported by Esri UK technical support.

Please enjoy these fun experiments, and explore our world.”