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3rd November 2017

In October the Living Atlas Browser application experienced several enhancements to make it easier to browse, filter and contribute data sets. Support for scene layers has also been added.

Home Page:

  • The Filter menu is now below the green theme buttons.

 The new filter menu in the Living Atlas Browser. The new filter menu in the Living Atlas Browser.

  • The Filter menu also allows you to filter by Date modified so you can get the latest results.
  • When you search, results are displayed with Top results listed first.
  • You can browse the Living Atlas one theme at a time, but if you choose a theme then the results are presented in their respective sub-themes

Contributions Tab:

  • One of the top enhancements is that Scene layers are now supported. This means you can now contribute your 3D Scene Layers to the Living Atlas.
  • The Scoring system is now based on points and can be seen in the “Suggested Improvements” section.
  • Each suggested improvement has a hyperlink and if you hover over it you can learn more
  • You can now remove items once they’ve been accepted into the Living Atlas.

 The new point based scoring system. The new point based scoring system.

Want to learn more?

Check out this Story Map covering the latest Organisations featured in the Living Atlas for Great Britain and to find out how you can nominate your layers for the Living Atlas!


Product News