Living Atlas of the World Site Update

23rd February 2017

Last night the Living Atlas team over at Esri Inc pushed out an update to the Living Atlas site. The key goal with this redesign is to make it easier understand and use the Living Atlas. It also makes contributing to the Living Atlas easier.

The steps to get to the content gallery have been removed, as it is displayed right on the landing page when you head to

Tools for filtering the content have also been improved, allowing you to find content with more precision;

  • Users can now search for content using custom date ranges; as well as content from all time, the past month and the past year
  • Content can be filtered by type i.e. maps, layers, scenes, apps or tools
  • Pick and mix different subsets from categories. For instance, users may wish to search for historical maps which also contain spending and behaviours data

See a dataset you like and want to keep track of it for future use? Sign in with your ArcGIS Online credentials and you can use the star button to add a dataset to the Favourites tab. The dataset will then be stored in this area for you to come back to later on.


The Living Atlas Contributor App has been built into the site, as the My Contributions tab. This is separated into two separate tabs; My Content and My Contributions. The My Content tab contains items that haven’t been nominated or have been nominated, but do not yet have a status. The My Contributions tab is for items that have been nominated and have a status.

To take a look at these new features and start making use of the thousands of datasets available to you right now, head over to