Esri and BT Labs collaboration provides fixed and mobile quality of experience (QoE) analysis

9th June 2017

Esri is working in collaboration with BT Labs to investigate the quality of experience for both BT and EE customers when using the network. The research uses Esri’s ArcGIS Platform to map the network and factors that impact it, uncovering new insights that can be leveraged to significantly improve the performance of the network and ultimately the customer experience.

The collaboration includes analysing the impact of electrical storms on BT’s network and reveals a correlation between storms and network performance issues, as well as which areas of the UK are particularly vulnerable. The potential then is for BT to take measures to protect the network and minimise the impact of future storms.

Network usage data is being analysed using Esri’s latest desktop software, ArcGIS Pro.  The results animate a network usage visualisation over time as a storm passed over the whole of the UK, indicating the impacted areas on the network. The maps below are snapshots of network usage during a 28 hour storm event across the UK starting on 27th May. The analysis aggregates around 50,000 points per hour across the UK to postal districts and in total visualises aggregated results for around 1.4 million usage records.

Esri’s ArcGIS Platform is a SaaS solution that allows the analysis to be easily and securely shared to a wide range of stakeholders and staff across BT, thus informing strategic decision making around improving the resilience of the network.

The outcome of the analysis will be demonstrated as a proof of concept at BT’s Innovation Week from 12-16th June 2017, a technology exhibition at BT’s Adastral Park showcasing the best Research and Innovation in the industry.

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