Introducing Esri UK Rewards

Product News
14th December 2018

Our users love badges. Attend any Esri event and you’ll see dozens of users gathering around perspex bowls, eager to get their hands on the latest designs.

That got us thinking – why not reward users with digital badges? As they explore our platform, create content and share it with the community, we could award badges and rankings.

Today we are pleased to release Esri UK Rewards, a prototype experience developed by our innovation team.

Esri UK Rewards has three core sections; Your Results, Your Badges and Your Esri Story.

Your Results

After logging in with your ArcGIS Online account, we present key stats from your account. Discover how many pieces of content you have created, the number of people who have viewed your items and even the length of time you have been an ArcGIS user.

Your Badges

We think Your Badges will be pretty popular. Here we’ve created four categories you can collect badges for: Story Maps, 3D, Content and Applications. Everyone can be an Apprentice, but who will make it all the way to Superhero status?! Make sure to share your badges on Twitter and Facebook and boast about your current status.

Your Esri Story

Your Esri Story is our most detailed section. Here you can see your complete ArcGIS Online timeline. From the day you joined, we present every item you have created and even your annual Esriversary!

Esri UK Rewards is available today as a beta release, but this is just the beginning! As with all our innovation projects, we’d love you to get involved and help us shape the future.

You can get started with Rewards right here. For the geeks, the code will be made available on GitHub in the near future.

Product News