New GB Vector Tile Services

9th April 2019

You may remember that last summer we published some vector tile services as a beta.

Since then we have been working hard on restructuring the data and adding new styling to make sure we are using the latest data, increase performance make it easier for you to create your own styles.

The data structure has been completely redesigned and is based around the new OS Zoomstack data.

Today we are giving you access to a whole new set of data and styles

There are six new styles for you use

GB Background - Similar in style to the OS Open Background Raster Tile basemap.

GB Topographic - the classic Esri topographic map style (including a hillshade service based on OS Terrain 50 data)

GB Cartographic - Similar in style to the OS Open Carto Raster Tile basemap.

GB Cartographic Local - Similar in style to the OS Open Carto Raster Tile basemap but with the labels for places in Welsh, Scottish Gaelic or local English names.

GB Dark Grey - this tile layer is similar in style to the Esri Dark Grey Canvas style.

GB Base OS Outdoors Style - Based on the style provided by the Ordnance Survey in their stylesheets on Github for the OS Zoomstack data.

You can use them just as they are or the item details of each webmap contains a link to allow you to quickly load them in the editor and start modifying the style.

The Esri UK Vector tiles layers are available as a beta service and are subject to change.  The beta program will run through April with a final release planned for the beginning of May

We will continue working on the styles and following the beta will be adding some to the default basemap gallery for GB customers.

  • Which styles would you want by default in your basemap gallery?
  • What other styles would you like to see?
  • How easy was it create your own style?

NOTE: With the release of these new styles we will be removing the old vector tile service referenced in last years blog, they will remain available until the end of April to give you time to transition to the new services.

We would like you to send us feedback on the new basemaps and let us know what you want us to work on next. Send any feedback through to