New features with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1

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15th July 2019

For some of you the ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1 release will be about the stability enhancements that it brings to Enterprise 10.7, making it a good option if you haven’t already upgraded. But the release also brings a range of new features…

New options for data management and publishing

Dynamic feature binning

ArcGIS Pro 2.4 provides the option to use dynamic aggregation with your point data. Enterprise 10.7.1 supports this option, so Pro 2.4 users can choose the dynamic aggregation option when publishing a suitable map service. When added to a map or scene, this results in the more efficient drawing of large datasets.

Location filter

I often want to browse the data I have for a project area and 10.7.1 lets you search items in your organisation by location. Searching ‘Aylesbury’ will return all items that cover the Aylesbury area. For this filter to work, item owners must define the item’s extent or geographic boundaries.

Register data source

Connecting to external data sources has been simplified. With 10.7.1, users can register data stores (databases, cloud storage, and folders) directly within their portal. For most use cases, this should negate the need to log into Server Manager to set up data connections.

Bulk publishing

Users can now publish feature and map image layers in bulk from their enterprise geodatabases, which should help speed up publishing multiple layers. By default, these services are read-only. Once published, edit, add and delete capabilities can be enabled.

Increased file upload size

Good news if you have large files to upload (e.g. tile caches). The file limit for uploading data to My Content through a web browser has been increased. It is now 200GB – previously it was 1GB.

Administrative and setup enhancements

Administrative privileges to manage portal settings can now be included in custom roles. This allows your organisation to be more selective when delegating specific admin tasks. For example, you may want to give specific users permission to change the portal homepage, but not to add additional servers.

Portal installations will be quicker at 10.7.1 and have a smaller installation footprint, as they no longer include 3D web styles. These can be installed later if required.

If you are deploying Enterprise to Amazon Web Services you can check the updates here.

Lastly, don’t forget to check the What’s New page for a full list of the changes.

Product News