Be part of the ArcGIS development process

13th February 2023

To create great technology, it’s critical to understand the people behind its use…us, the users. This is how Esri developers and software engineers create products that tap into what we are looking for.

Esri’s user research and testing teams put our real-world needs at the forefront of their advancement which informs design and development. This way, Esri’s engineers can work on creating tools that we need to create dynamic workflows for our teams. This is the reason that Esri host research and testing environments; to collaborate and learn from us.

There are so many ways for us to impact the future of Esri technology and try out the latest products and system updates straight from the drawing board.

Esri’s Early Adopter Programs

With the Esri Early Adopter Programs (EAP’s), Esri gains insight and understanding of our challenges, the tools we need to create great maps and make it as easy as possible to get us up and running with the newest updates.

The home page for the ArcGIS Online Early Access Program

Esri’s EAP’s are a way to ensure that developers are consistently updating software to hit the exact spots we need by testing out the newest functions and tools against our unique workflows and make sure they work for their users. By registering your interest in the various EAP’s that Esri has to offer, you can connect with Esri’s developer teams and provide feedback to craft the next generation of Esri technology.

How do they work?

Esri have a multitude of EAP’s specific to different products and are each managed by a different team, so you can sign up for the products you want to test! EAP’s are open to customers on the run up to a global release, giving us the chance to communicate with Esri on our thoughts of the updated tools and features before the update is rolled out widely.

Once the developer team has reviewed and accepted an application, we have the latest tools and workflows at our fingertips. Convert Early Adopter opportunities into projects and take a deep dive into the tech and let Esri engineers know your thoughts.

List of Early Access Programs as opportunities

Note: Due to the EAP users having a separate account to access the software, new users will have to sought out their own data for testing in the Early Adopter environment. Data is saved so you will only have to bring your own data the first time you use an EAP.

Why get involved?

Uncover what Esri are working on

Get a behind the scenes look at the latest geospatial technology and have fun with the new functions and features in the updates. We get the chance to test Esri products pre-release and tell the teams what we think!

Now you know everything about Esri’s EAP’s, I know you only have one question…

How do I get involved?

Opportunities are available year-round for a variety of products so there is always something for us to try! Visit the Early Adopter Home Page to see the current opportunities on offer, whether you want to submit your interest or just get a feel for what’s in beta right now. Play with the newest tech, have a say and visualise the benefits of our input in the product releases!

Don’t fancy being an early adopter? There are other ways for you to have a voice in the Esri Community…

Esri Community

With over 65 industry and technical community forums, you’ll definitely find the place to ask your questions and chat with like-minded people from your industry around the globe…welcome to the Esri Community pages!

Esri currently host 101 user forums that are specific to not only every ArcGIS Product, but also a wide variety of use cases and processes, from Bathymetry to Spatial Data Science.

In Esri Community, you can browse the many user forums that are categorised by products or capabilities

If you use the ArcGIS system, I can safely assume that you are as passionate about GIS and geospatial potential as Esri are. Within the Esri Community pages, we have the chance to ask questions, find answers and share ideas with people with similar interests. Our user forums are designed to target what we need, whether that be asking questions, providing solutions or keeping up-to-date with the latest blogs and documentations on your favourite products.

Each forum has links to questions, ideas, blogs or documentation on that product

So head over to Esri Community to share ideas with fellow GIS users, find answers to questions, ask your own, or browse it’s library of documentation.

Keep up to date with The GIST

Banner image for the GIST

The GIST is an e-newsletter sent out to Esri UK customers every month to keep us up to date with the latest news in the GIS industry. This includes details of the latest in-person and virtual events, as well as tech news including the newest updates to the ArcGIS system such as developer updates and newly added datasets and imagery layers to the Living Atlas. Finishing off with general news, the GIST spotlights our customer break-through stories in GIS using Esri tech as well as the most up-to-date occurrences in ArcGIS.

If you’d like to receive our monthly The GIST, head over to Manage your Subscriptions on our Contact page to sign up.

Now you’re in the know…

This is your chance to shape the evolution of Esri products through specialised testing environments and help developers and software engineers give the Esri community the very best technology. Why not go take a look at the current EAP’s, get involved with discussions or find the many tips and tricks found in the Esri Community. There is so much to explore!