I didn’t know HTML could do that

17th December 2019

Have you thought what you can do with just HTML, it’s amazing.

In ArcGIS we have varying degrees of customisation available; from fully bespoke applications built with the JavaScript API or Web AppBuilder, through to the ArcGIS Organisation homepage which allows very little customisation in terms of functionality. One thing that these products do allow us to do is input HTML, and in some cases CSS. So why not harness the power of HTML and see what it can do?

I’ve put together a few CodePen examples to show you the power of plain old HTML - No Javascript required.

Dropdown with searchable text

Dialog box

See the Pen HTML only - Dialog by Richard (@tricky354) on CodePen.

Measuring progress

See the Pen HTML - Progress and Meter by Richard (@tricky354) on CodePen.

Expand/collapse details

See the Pen HTML only - Detail & Summary by Richard (@tricky354) on CodePen.

Add a simple colour picker

See the Pen HTML - color picker by Richard (@tricky354) on CodePen.

Highlight text

See the Pen HTML - Highlight text by Richard (@tricky354) on CodePen.

Create a direct phone number link

<a href="tel:+441296 745500">01296 745500</a>

Edit page contents

See the Pen HTML - contenteditable by Richard (@tricky354) on CodePen.