Introducing ArcGIS Platform – our reimagined developer experience

8th February 2021

Esri recently announced ArcGIS Platform – a platform-as-a-service that brings our industry-leading spatial capabilities into any app or solution.

For many developers, this reimagined way of accessing and using the power of geography in their apps is game changing and we’re really excited to help empower them! Indeed, one of the most impactful things about ArcGIS Platform is how it opens the door to all kinds of developers, whether they’ve heard of GIS or not! This is going to have an amazing impact on the tech industry – something we’re sure to see a lot of over the coming months.

But what does this all mean for you? Today, I want to give you the key things you need to know as somebody already in the Esri community.

The power of ArcGIS, anywhere

As an ArcGIS user, you’re already familiar with the powerful capabilities you have at your fingertips. ArcGIS Platform takes all the amazing data and location services of ArcGIS, from basemaps and routing to feature services and geoenrichment, and makes them available for developers to use, however they need.

For years, we’ve given developers the world’s best geospatial APIs and SDKs and we still do. But not every developer needs such advanced capabilities. For many, spatial capabilities are essential, but not the primary focus to their app or solution. They’re often one aspect of a much broader system and this is where ArcGIS Platform can help.

Whether the developer uses Open Layers, Mapbox, or any other front-end, they can use our location and data services. Or perhaps they’re building an integrated system without a front-end at all. That’s fine, too! ArcGIS Platform is flexible and simple for developers to use in the context of the systems they already have.ArcGIS Platform homepage

Not only is this great for those tapping into ArcGIS for the first time, but it could also give many organisations simpler integration between different departments who use different technology stacks. Sound familiar?

Simple to use, easy to understand

The capabilities of a technology are a big part of choosing the right tool. And when it comes to ArcGIS Platform, it’s one of the most powerful geospatial tools available to developers. But that’s not the only thing that matters. Simplicity and transparency are key, too. That’s why a big part of ArcGIS Platform is its simple business model and clear, competitive pricing.ArcGIS Platform developer dashboardsboard

At its core is a pay-as-you-go model that means developers are only charged for what they use. There’s a generous free tier, too. This means many developers will get tremendous value for a minimal outlay. Nevertheless, if building a viral app with massive throughput is your game, ArcGIS Platform’s technology and business model are ready to scale as far as you need them to.

This changes everything… and nothing

With all the new possibilities that ArcGIS Platform brings, it’s worth keeping in mind that everything you know and love about ArcGIS remains just as important to us as ever. We’re not taking anything away. Neither are we adding any capabilities that are exclusive to developers.Mapping APIs and services page

We’re simply supercharging the amazing capabilities we already have by giving any and all developers frictionless access to them.

If you’d like to know more about what’s available, head over to our brand new developer experience at the ArcGIS Developers website. To see it in action, check out the launch event video.