Tracker for ArcGIS updated

7th April 2020

Tracker for ArcGIS complements the other ArcGIS mobile apps by allowing field workers to record where they are and where they’ve been. The operations team can monitor the tracks to help ensure their staff are safe, then use ArcGIS to analyse the tracks and get insights into effective working patterns. We introduced you to Tracker at the end of last year, so this is just quick post to let you know about the recent update - for an introduction read this blog first.

Unique ID

Tracker now auto-generates a unique ID for each tracking session. When you turn on tracking, a new GUID value will be written into the Session ID field. This makes it easier to analyse multiple tracks made by each team member.

For example. you pick up a new assignment at 08:00 and switch tracking on to reset the GUID. Once you’ve completed the work, switch tracking on and off to reset the track GUID ready for your next assignment:

Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch you can now start, stop and monitor tracking from your watch. A companion watchOS app pairs with iOS devices. From the watchOS app you can view your schedule as well.

One other thing…

If you are getting started with Tracker or have recently given it a try, it’s useful to know about one of the design decisions for the way it works. Tracker always records the location fix obtained from the mobile device, along with information on the quality of the fix. So if you are using the built-in GPS on a smartphone, or tablet, and are pass through an area with a poor GPS fix you’ll see ‘spikes’ in the track. Some apps, such as Strava, always show a relatively smooth track because they filter out poor fixes out and estimate a position instead. Tracker doesn’t take this approach - to ensure the data is transparent and make it better suited to further analysis. When viewing tracks you can filter out locations with a weak fix. Using a more accurate GPS will improve the accuracy of the tracks.

If you think this might help support your working practices get in touch.