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7th December 2023

Why edit a utility network?

You can switch on your lights, fill the kettle, and turn on the heating thanks to complex networks distributing electricity, water, and gas to our homes and businesses. Without a good understanding of a utility network, we would quickly be plunged into darkness on understanding where maintenance is needed, ideas for modernisation would run dry, and the thought of futureproofing our infrastructure would quickly float away.

If you work in the electricity sector, you’ll be aware of developments such as the need to understand the best location for electric vehicle charging, the network capacity of two-way energy circuits, and forecasting demand in-line with housing developments.

For water, understanding information on networks’ capacity inputs and consumption is foundational to driving liquid reduction and strategic resilience.

Within gas, investment in a transition to hydrogen can only be explored through understanding the networks and assets today and how these can be evolved to support the future network.

Data drives network development and there is a need for high fidelity information that can be updated and shared in a timely manner for different user groups.
Consider the following user groups involvement with utility networks:


3 user groups outlined for the utility network editor.

For transparency across the different network interactions, an Asset Management solution is needed to capture, store, analyse, visualise, and share new business intelligence collaboratively. That’s where the ArcGIS Utility Network Editor (UNE) comes in. To learn more about why Esri UK created the Utility Network Editor, check out this blog post.

What is the Utility Network Editor?

Utility network editor is displayed on a desktop and laptop screen.

UNE is a powerful web editor that optimises the Utility Network (UN) while simplifying the data capture process through its user-friendly interface.

Work anywhere with this off-the-shelf application. It’s accessible through any modern web browser on a computer or consider viewing it on large tablets if you want it with you in the field.

Network connectivity rules are at the core of UNE. The app is compatible with all Utility Network data models, water, electric, gas and pipelines, providing flexibility for different organisations’ network configurations.

Inform customers with confidence. UNE has a deep understanding of the business rules and network connectivity logic allowing for real-time data validation during data capture. This capability significantly streamlines the process of managing and updating the asset register, ensuring accurate and reliable data throughout the network lifecycle, for everyone.

Integrate business systems and go beyond editing capabilities. UNE offers various view-only experiences, tracing features, and tools to streamline your workflows, allowing both admin users and GIS professionals to create tailor-made applications for different organisation user groups.

Check out this webinar for a detailed view of UNE in action.

How do you get started?

If you’re left wanting to know more about UNE, ArcGIS, and using these tools to optimise your own network, check out our website. It contains videos, links to webinars, and other resources including our free trial.

Got a burning question? Get in touch through sales@esriuk.com and our team would be more than happy to help.

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