Accelerating the transition to clean energy

The role of geospatial technology in the renewable energy sector

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12th July 2023
Esri UK

Accelerating the transition to clean energy

In the UK, capacity to produce renewable energy is growing all the time, with generation from wind turbines, solar panels, hydroelectricity and more. This eBook explores innovative approaches to planning, site selection, construction and operation, with examples from a range of leading renewables businesses including JBM Solar, Statkraft, Flotation Energy, Storegga, H2Au, Osprey and Exagen.


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  • Statkraft to achieve its goal of developing 1.2GW of wind power by 2030
  • Flotation Energy to increase stakeholder engagement
  • JBM Solar to focus on sites most likely to achieve planning permission – with a 98% success rate
  • Storegga to identify the best sites for CO2 storage
  • H2Au to find unique geological conditions where hydrogen can be found underground
  • Osprey to save hours of time every week working on the roll-out of an EV charging network
  • Exagen to integrate multiple disparate systems to provide an intuitive gateway for information that teams need about prospective and planned projects.

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