Creating Smarter Communities

How Geospatial technology is helping build better places to live and work

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10th May 2018
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Creating Smarter Communities

Technology is a vital component of delivering smarter communities, but technology alone is not enough. Smart communities are born when people, place and technology come together to deliver outcomes that improve our places and the lives of those who live there.

Increasingly, citizens, businesses and public sector organisations are working together to make decisions. Government should no longer be seen as something that is ‘done’ to people. Instead, citizens are playing an increasing role in achieving the aspirations of their communities through collaborative initiatives.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are providing the vital context to underpin and support decision-making, informing opinion and helping to test and shape policy, plans and the future. There are challenges ahead for everyone if we are to realise the vision of smart communities.

Read this Spotlight report by Smart Cities World which demonstrates the role of GIS in Smart Communities with in depth examples from:

Crossrail | Leeds City Council | Glasgow City Council | Greater London Authority

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