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8th May 2018
Esri UK

Digital Transformation for Government

Modern Government aspires to make the most of its data, to enable agile, effective and cost effective decision making. Government needs simple and engaging ways to exchange information with staff, citizens and the supply chain.

At Esri we build the world’s most powerful mapping and spatial analytics software, enabling government to visualise the physical world and business data together, share and collaborate with colleagues and partners, Equip and manage mobile workers and to design and plan the places of the future.

All of this, using out-of-the-box, rapidly deployable secure solutions that are low cost and provide a significant return on investment.

Explore how Esri GIS is used by government to reduce costs, inform policy, attract investment and optimise citizen services, with examples from:

Westminster City Council | Norfolk County Council | Sport Wales | London Borough of Lambeth | Cabinet Office | South Ayrshire Council | Cornwall Council | Environment Agency | Crossrail | Greater London Authority | Transport for London | Transport Infrastructure Ireland

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