From surviving to thriving: How real estate leaders are reimagining the future

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24th May 2021
Esri UK

From surviving to thriving: How real estate leaders are reimagining the future

In Q1 2020, the commercial real estate sector had quite a lot on its plate: moratoriums on rent, large areas of cities going quiet due to lockdowns, and major debates sparking about the very future of the office.


A time of stress and disruption, for sure. At the same time, other voices on the question of ‘People, Planet and Profit’ were also beginning to be heard across the sector, with debates over sustainable building and creating a greener urban habitat getting louder.


To help find answers, TechPros carried out a survey of UK-based Land & Property practitioners to get their views on these issues. We carried out the research with the support of Esri UK, a global software, data and services company that provides digital mapping and location analysis technology to leading real estate businesses around the world.


This eBook is the result. It aims to combine the insights of practitioners working at the frontline of all this change with Esri’s deep knowledge of the emerging potential of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) as a way to make location the new secret weapon for practitioners to rise to the challenges.


We are very grateful to all the Land & Property sector professionals who gave their knowledge and insights for us to draw our conclusions. While over 30 market participants were interviewed and their views captured, this final report is based on the perceptive remarks of the following five key players in the UK commercial real estate market.

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