Operational Intelligence

How knowing WHERE enhances performance, efficiency and customer experience

11th April 2017
Esri UK

Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence offers managers of infrastructure operations a means to create the digital future while reliably delivering the services of today.

The opportunity for location-based Operational Intelligence extends across public and private sector organisations that manage, or provide services over, our national infrastructure. By adding context, location adds value, elevating raw data from across an operation to become actionable intelligence. For the enterprise, this provides the agility required to respond to the challenging consumer, competitive, and regulatory demands of today’s increasingly disruptive environment.

Discover how leading edge organisations are now implementing Operational Intelligence solutions that put location-based thinking at the heart of their business operations. They are creating connected, enterprise-wide operational processes and enabling continuous improvement by embedding forward-looking capabilities. Built on knowledge of the status and location of customers, assets and their environment, Operational Intelligence aids both planning and execution.

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