The Geo-centric Railway

How Esri’s ArcGIS enables transformative change across policingWhy location matters in the Rail industry

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1st May 2018
Esri UK

The Geo-centric Railway

In this brochure we explore the ways in which Enterprise GIS (Geographic Information System) supports the realisation of the 2025 police vision. Implementing an Enterprise GIS Platform across a police service (or services) enables data-driven decision making around the fundamental questions: where and when are our communities most at risk, and where should we put the people and resources we have to mitigate these risks?

Our technology has capabilities in many areas of policing including self-briefing and situational awareness, improving efficiency, event management and understanding the community. To discover more about these capabilities and explore how Enterprise GIS supports the realisation of the 2025 vision, download this brochure now.

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