The Internet of Things – Why Location Matters

How location transforms raw data into actionable intelligence

6th April 2017
Esri UK

The Internet of Things – Why Location Matters

We are moving rapidly to an ever more connected world and the opportunities for the Telecommunications industry are significant, from new connectivity offerings based on dedicated IoT infrastructure to participating in the data market and the creation of new applications. At the core, since everything happens somewhere and all the things in the IoT have a place, location information is pivotal to maximising the potential and in particular to transforming raw data into valuable, actionable intelligence.

The ‘Internet of Things; Why Location Matters’ ebook is essential reading for understanding this potential, from management of mobile industrial assets and crowdsourcing air quality monitoring to targeted mobile advertising, smarter refuse collection and the Smart Home. It is an essential guide for telecommunications businesses to understand how to leverage the location information that will be the key to realising potential revenue streams from the IoT.

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