The Most Powerful Force in Transport

How Esri mapping software is revolutionising the UK’s leading transport agencies

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22nd June 2018
Esri UK

The Most Powerful Force in Transport

Maps are at the heart of the transport industry. In 1791 the Ordnance Survey was founded to provide paper maps to guide travellers to their destination, maintain roads, and monitor turnpikes. The arrival of accurate maps paved the way for geological surveys, military planning, and property surveying. Then in the twentieth century, paper maps gave way to digital representations, and the possibilities for analytics in the transported industry exploded.

Today the world’s leading mapping software company is Esri. Esri's ArcGIS lies at the heart of organisations from key public providers such as Transport for London and Highways England, to complex private organisations such as the Crown Estate and Manchester Airport Group.

This report aims to reveal how the UK’s best transport organisations deploy Esri ArcGIS.

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