How Stores Can Thrive—By Learning from Failure

A new study suggests companies have as much to learn from store closures as they do from expansions, and location plays a compelling role.

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NextTech: Mapping ‘Human Weather’ Patterns with Geospatial Analysis

Backed by the pattern-finding power of geospatial analysis, GIS technology can help businesses identify customers scattered by the pandemic.

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Are you missing the Living Atlas global datasets that cover the UK?

There are a wealth of datasets within the UK in the Living Atlas, prime for use by the GIS community. However, always filtering by the UK  we may miss out on curated global datasets. Familiar global datasets include things like … Continue reading Continue Reading

Changing Demographics Ripple through the Supply Chain

Businesses are adjusting supply chains to match shifting demand, using demographic insight into a changing world.

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Psychographics: Market Analysis Moves beyond Demographics

Companies have long used demographics to understand customers and markets. Now big data analytics promises greater insight.

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