Sweet Treats – Taking Sweet Offline

“Edit and Explore with Insight” is one of the many statements you encounter when you start looking at Sweet for ArcGIS. I like to be able to use the offline app in the field and maintain the rules set up … Continue reading

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Winter is here and so is a new release of Sweet for ArcGIS

Just in time for mince pies comes the latest release of Sweet for ArcGIS, and its full of presents. Attachments You read it here first, Sweet now supports attachments. To make the deal even sweeter… we support attachments both in … Continue reading Continue Reading

Sweet Templates, Exports and App Migration

Sweet for ArcGIS allows organisations to create easy to use web based apps for editing data, making it so anyone can edit GIS data through a browser. Every edit is validated against rules set up in the builder, meaning data … Continue reading

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All treats and no tricks in the latest version of Sweet for ArcGIS

Summer might be at an end, but we have some autumn Sweet for ArcGIS treats in store just in time for spooky season. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights. Marketplace Firstly, Sweet for ArcGIS is now on … Continue reading

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