UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

From collecting data in the field to managing large-scale, nationwide survey projects, ArcGIS provides us with a highly efficient and accurate digital process for monitoring environmental change.

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NHS Fife

Managing our natural capital and meeting our sustainability responsibilities is so much easier with our ArcGIS Greenspaces Map.

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Follow your tracks; Location sharing in ArcGIS

Data collection is easier than ever thanks to technology which allows users to carry out operations both in office or out and about. But how can organisations ensure their workers safety and maximise efficiency? Enter, location sharing. If this is … Continue reading

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Forth Rivers Trust

We have transformed the way that we gather evidence and share information to raise awareness of the pressures on ecologically-important river catchments in Scotland.

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ArcGIS is enabling us to use intelligence-led planning to deliver more efficient and collaborative services for our public sector clients, whilst also building resilience into the asset management process.

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What’s new in ArcGIS Field Maps?

Can you believe it? ArcGIS Field Maps have been publicly available for almost nine months now! During that time, there have been three major releases with lots of brand-new features packed in. This blog aims to showcase the best of … Continue reading

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Prepare maps for the field with the ArcGIS Field Maps web app

ArcGIS Field Maps mobile app combines data collection, map viewing, and location tracking capabilities into a single app. The ArcGIS Field Maps web app was officially released in December 2020. The web app is designed to support the configuration of … Continue reading Continue Reading