British National Grid goes 3D in ArcGIS

Today we are excited to announce the Beta release of our new British National Grid Terrain 3D Elevation Layer. This opens a whole new world of 3D data and experiences in ArcGIS Online. Best of all, the layer is freely … Continue reading

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Finding Our Way in the Metaverse

Experiences range from buying real estate and furnishing a virtual home to attending a concert or interacting with holograms of your coworkers.

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Did you know about attribute editing in Scene Layers?

Scene Layers are optimised for displaying large amounts of 3D data, including 3D objects, buildings and integrated meshes. Web Scene Layers use a cache to provide the display performance and give a smooth viewing experience. Scene Layers comply with the … Continue reading

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Elevate your editing with the summer ArcGIS Online update

Two exciting new capabilities, another Instant App and a new content experience should be enough to get this ArcGIS Online update into the yellow jersey. As The Tour De France unfolds I can’t help myself but start by exploring French … Continue reading

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3D for beginners with ArcGIS Pro

The 3D scenes in ArcGIS Pro can be very helpful when giving a presentation, or when you must explain trends in your data. The problem can be that not everybody has had the time to practice with the 3D tools. … Continue reading

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LiDAR on a phone – a new way to capture 3D data

Talk of LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) has recently reached the wider media, specifically the mobile tech space. This is due to Apple’s inclusion of a LiDAR scanner in their 2020 flagship mobile – the iPhone 12 Pro. Apple primarily … Continue reading Continue Reading

Creating 3D Floor Plans in ArcGIS Pro and Scene Viewer

Have you ever wanted to create a 3D representation of a multi-floor building and share it as a web scene? I was recently looking into how this could be achieved and was surprised at how easy it is once you … Continue reading

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See what’s in the box with ArcGIS Pro 2.6

ArcGIS Pro has just dropped some amazing new features and I’m going to try my absolute hardest to outline the best ones, without being  biased by the beautiful cartography additions and talking about Voxel layers the entire time. So, where … Continue reading

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New experiences in the ArcGIS Online March update

ArcGIS Online is being used across the world by organisations in their work to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of a global programme Esri are providing access to ArcGIS Hub Foundation, built on ArcGIS Online, to support this. Meanwhile … Continue reading Continue Reading

ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8

What does the latest release of ArcGIS Enterprise bring? Here are some of the highlights… Layers and Services It’s amazing how quickly something becomes normal and only as I reviewed the changes in this release of Enterprise, did I realise … Continue reading

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