Hot off the press: Your ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World summer updates

It’s been a jam-packed last few months for the UK Living Atlas. For this summer update, we have welcomed 134 new datasets and four new contributors including: the British Antarctic Survey, Welsh Government, Marine Scotland (part of the Scottish Government) and … Continue rea

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Land Cover – find out what your city is made of!

The makeup of our cities plays a key role in our day to day lives and how we interact with our environment. To get a better understanding of where we live, we’ll be exploring what land cover our cities consist … Continue reading

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Spring into action with these updates on ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World

The days are brighter, daffodils are blooming which only means one thing – spring has finally sprung! Like the daffodils, ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World is growing. Since our last winter update, there are 28 new UK datasets and … Continue reading &

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Your winter update on ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World

What better way to start off the New Year than by catching up with the latest updates in ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World? In the last blog, I shared with you some of the new and noteworthy contributions from … Continue reading

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Processing Big Data using Small Data techniques

In today’s world, more and more organisations are starting to use Big Data techniques to analyse their data, which is increasing in volume and velocity every day. Cloud providers are both meeting and fuelling demand for these capabilities by providing … Continue reading &rarr

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Our migration to ArcGIS Pro is helping us to create and share high quality data sets on air quality and greenhouse gas emissions

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Migrating from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro has led to significant improvements in the way that we conduct asset surveys and develop feasibility studies for our clients.

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Welcoming British Geological Survey Data to the Living Atlas

The ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World is a collection of geographic information from around the world and includes content contributions from some of the UK’s most recognisable organisations. This collection of spatial data sits at the heart of the … Continue reading Continue Reading

Land and Property Services

Government, public sector organisations, commercial businesses and citizens can all easily find and use geospatial data and maps for Northern Ireland using a data-sharing platform powered by ArcGIS.

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Are you missing the Living Atlas global datasets that cover the UK?

There are a wealth of datasets within the UK in the Living Atlas, prime for use by the GIS community. However, always filtering by the UK  we may miss out on curated global datasets. Familiar global datasets include things like … Continue reading Continue Reading